KCC Architectural offers a full range of services to compliment our selection of first class products and to support & assist all our clients in the best way possible. 

These services include:


KCC Architectural have many years experience assisting architects in defining exactly what product specifications are required to meet their needs. This service enables architects to avail of our unparalleled technical knowledge saving considerable time, and reducing the risk of unclear or incorrect information.

(Free) Scheduling

KCC Architectural can help architects save valuable time by preparing door or hardware schedules, using the architect’s floor plans as a basis. Our computer-aided architectural hardware scheduling programme allows us to generate an ironmongery schedule to your specification.


KCC Architectural not only conduct extensive site surveys for all our supply and install projects, but our specialists are also available for site visits to provide technical advice when required. A site visit service is available during construction programmes to offer advice on any aspect of fixing or application of our products for building refurbishments or fire upgrading schemes. This service is also available to finalise requirements in advance of preparing door hardware schedules.


KCC Architectural has an in-house CAD department who ensure that all details of bespoke products are fully checked and approved prior to initiating production. Furthermore, we can provide detailed drawings to show how our products will fit in the main structure to facilitate clear communication with all parties involved in the building process.


KCC Architectural employ a number of highly experienced engineers ensuring professional installation of our full range of products if so required. There are many advantages in terms of consistency of quality and cost control for any customer availing of this service.


KCC Architectural preventative maintenance contracts guarantee that all of our product solutions are kept in excellent working order ensuring less maintenance problems and expense.  KCC Architectural’s service team is comprised of a dedicated team of experienced engineers and experts who are at hand through all stages of the planning and installation process.

Provision of Maintenance Manuals

Where construction, design and management requirements call for maintenance instructions to be provided to the building owner, our KCC Architectural maintenance manual provides recommended procedures for the care of all products supplied to our specification.

CPD Seminars

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) presentations covering the specification of architectural hardware, with the latest information on standards and product development can be arranged through our CPD providers at each branch.