Welcome to modus™, a sleek and modern new range of high quality door furniture by KCC Architectural.

modus™ offers a complete range of door hardware, developed to allow designers to choose from a range of designs, finishes and textures in order to create a visually distinct and attractive look and feel for your project.

The modus™ range is extremely hardwearing and durable, manufactured in the UK from the highest quality materials including solid T316 stainless steel. We offer a range of architectural finishes in stainless steel via PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition), allowing for endless possibilities of finish from bronze and copper through to more contemporary colours such as electric blue. Soft touch elements in various RAL colours add further dimensions to the look and feel of the range.

A key feature of the modus™ range is the attention to detail at every stage of manufacture, finishing, testing and certification. This approach results in a product which not only looks good, but has the precision feel which gives confidence in the product’s long term durability and reliability.

With modus™ we are delighted to be able to offer a bespoke design service. We are able to offer a modification service to adapt existing designs to incorporate variations that you might require or an exclusive bespoke design facility, for projects where you might want to create something a little special to tie in with the overall theme of the project.

Download our modus™ brochure  today or contact the KCC Team to discuss how modus™ could enhance your projects.Bespoke_CR Finish_Lever140 FinishGroup2 FlatPull_SIT IH19T_SIT Lever_IH16Academy_SIT Lever_IH27_SIT_LR Lever_IH140_SIT Lever_IH140_SIT_DkBro Lever_IH140_SIT_SB Lever_IH219-Maple Lever_IH219-Maple_v2 MainGroup Offset_SIT Offset_SIT2 PULL&Turn Pull_TD_SIT Pull1_SIT_RH Pull3_SIT RoundBarPull_SIT SpecialsGroup