Introducing Selo Riser Door Systems

UK company Selo design products to simplify methods and processes that have historically been a headache for architects, developers and contractors alike.

KCC Architectural were recently become the Irish distributor for Selo in Ireland.

KCC identified a demand for functional yet aesthetically pleasing riser doors that were aligned with the architects’ design intent.

Selo’s vision, and the core belief behind their product development, is to simplify interior design and functionality. The most beautiful design can be tarnished by a bank of ugly doors, and therefore Selo wanted to develop a door system that would not only look good and blend inconspicuously into the rest of the design. Therefore, the Selo riser door system is designed to completely conceal the door frame and all fixings. Also, extensive testing has been carried out to cover for all fire and acoustic needs offering the most extensive and versatile range on the market to date.The Selo riser door system consists of the Quadra metal door system and the Una timber leaf doorset, providing a solution to suit any application.

The Quadra Metal Door combines usability with discreet design to provide easy access and a completely smooth wall profile, no visible hinges with a fire resistance for up to 2 hours. A nice additional benefit to the system is that the system can then be painted with the same finish as the surrounding wall, creating a consistent, high-quality aesthetic finish.

The Una door system utilises a timber door leave with a fully concealed metal frame for situations where you require a timber door leave rather than a metal one. Standard handles and locks can also be fitted to match the rest of the project.

For more information on the Selo Riser door range or to request a brochure, you can contact KCC on +353 1 456 7421 or email or you can visit the official Selo website here

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