Movable Walls Parthos Palace
Glazed Decorative Movable / Partition Walls

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Use of Glazed Movable Walls in Bank
Curved & Glazed Movable Walls in Bank

KCC Architectural, in partnership with Parthos, provide movable wall solutions in both folding and sliding systems which allow for the creation of space and freedom of design. They enable large internal spaces to be divided into smaller spaces quickly and easily while maintaining a high degree of acoustic privacy with the added advantage of fire protection. We offer a selection of products within our range including Palace solid and President glass movable walls and Phonic/Progress Folding walls providing architects with a choice of systems, functions and appearance.

Movable walls and partitions provide the utmost use of space and flexibility and are suitable for many types of buildings: from offices, schools and universities to hotels and hospitals. The range of panel types, combined with a virtually unlimited choice of finishes and concealed track arrangements, allows a completely tailored solution.

Movable Walls in Schools
Use of Movable Walls in Schools – Scene 1
Movable Walls in Schools
Use of Movable Walls in Schools – Scene 2

KCC Architectural can offer:

A wide range of finishes – paint, laminate, veneer, steel, bespoke or decorative

Sound attenuation from 28dB to 53dB

Inlayed or concealed panel joints allowing the creation of flowing designs

Various parking/stacking positions

Integrations of single/double doors & corner elements and wide range of track support systems concealed within ceilings

Fully glazed systems, as well as fire resistant/flame retardant

Full technical support, as well as experienced contracts managers & installation crews

Use of Movable Walls in Boardroom Theatre
Use of Movable Walls in Boardroom Theatre