Special Needs Hardware
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KCC Architectural offer a range of special products that are not within the general scope of hardware but are still an important requirement within a building. These products range from support and grab rails, bathroom accessories, to finger protection and tactile signs.

Some of these products are designed to assist those with mobility difficulties, manual difficulties or visual impairment, using the guidance of Document ‘M’ / BS8300.

Guide to Disability Legislation

We have selected products suitable for ‘Special Needs’ application when used in an appropriate manner.

Special Needs and Bathroom Fittings:


Nylon Line Sanitary Fittings KSN.N100
Combi Line Sanitary Fittings KSN.C100
Stainless Steel Line KSN.S100
Antibacterial Line KSN.AB100


Special Needs Sanitary Ware
M3 Grab Rail Sets KSN.DOCM3
Baby Change Unit KSN.L287
Hand Dryer KSN.L88ACS
Hand Dryer KSN.L99ACS
Paper Towel Holder KSN.L106CS
Toilet Paper Holder KSN.L787CS
Soap Dispenser KSN.LV22CS
Tactile & Braille Signs
KSN Tactile & Braille Signs
Finger Protection