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Wayfinding can be defined as ‘spatial problem solving’. It is about knowing where you are in a building or an environment, knowing where your desired location is, and knowing how to get there from your present location.

The d line xsign model provides a total wayfinding solution: we create complete visual wayfinding maps & schedules for your building(s) or environment, internally and externally.

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d line xsign Early YearsAs well as that, the d line xsign system is flexible enough to incorporate any branding, corporate identity and design, without compromising d line‘s minimalist aesthetic look.

d line Sign Extension
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Modular Signs

With a vast aray of materials, sizes and special finishes the       d line xsign signs offer an engineered and flexible system which is unsurpassed. The product range offers the designer the opportunity to realise greater freedom of expression, built on a ready made palette of modernist materials and flexible engineering and is no longer restricted to extruded and painted aluminium.

Watch the Jigsaw™ Concept Video on YouTube

The unique Jigsaw™ Concept makes panels interchangeable. The Jigsaw™ fixing clips can be adhered to almost any material making modular sign possible in all sorts of imaginable combinations of Perspex, colour coated panels, stainless steel, aluminium, wooden veneers (European Cherry, American Maple and European Birch), and even brass, bronze and LED’s.

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