Eminently functional and aesthetically beautiful!

d line Handle

Inside each and every d line lever, a concealed fixing mechanism is incorporated using sectional countersunk bolts. The levers operate effortlessly due to the unigue d line ball bearing assembly, which contains 28 individual ball bearings. The ball bearings rotate each time the lever is depressed, to ensure maximum ease of use and the longest service life of any lever in the market! The 19mm diameter handle is made from a solid grade AISI 316 stainless steel – the most robust type of non-corrosive stainless steel. This not only ensures great finish stability and strenght, but also ensures an elegant and easily maintained apperarance, even when installed in high humidity environments or climatically challenging areas.

A unique d line characteristic is that the bend section of a lever always describes a radius that is equal to the lever diameter. A heavy duty classification under EN1906 is evident to the fact that all    d line levers operate smoothly, even when used aggressively over time.

d line Hardware covers every imaginable product for the door and comes in a vast selection of colours, shapes, sizes, cover roses, back plates, matching pull handles and window levers.

The full d line range consists of three different brands:

d line Three Brands

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