logoFunctionality, simplicity and quality are what d line is all about.

d line warrantyd line is a series of award winning hardware, signage & bathroom accessories designed by Danish architect/designer Knud Holscher.

Holscher’s work with ironmongery began in the early 1960’s when he was the supervising architect on St. Catherine’s College in Oxford and associated with Arne Jacobsen. Holscher remembers ‘thumbing through stacks of brochures to add bits and pieces together to make a scheme of ironmongery. As there were no coordinated series of ironmongery in the 60’s, it was a most opportune offer Holscher got on his return to Denmark.

Over the years more designs emerged from the hands of Knud Holscher and slowly, but consistently the product range formed a complete scheme af stainless steel designs.

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d line hardware
d line hardware
d line bathroom accessories
d line sanitary ware
d line xsign signage
d line signage


The line of products covers every imaginable product for doors, bathrooms signage (interior and exterior) and comes in a vast range of colours, shapes and sizes.

Please download our brochures and learn about the complete portfolio!

At KCC Architectural we are proud to offer such a wide selection of d line products in a fantastic design and impeccable quality (the best solid grade AISI 316 stainless steel) – products that ensure that, no matter what type of environment they are installed in, they live up to the demands of tomorrow!

We therefore give a 25 year performance warranty on all d line products.