Intastop Door Top Alarm
Post Formed Door with door top alarm and electrical transfer hinge

Helps prevent suicide at the tops of doors


  • Tamper proof preventing false alarms.
  • Enables staff to respond immediately to attempted suicides and emergency situations.
  • Improves the safety of patients in secure units.
  • Can be used across a multiple of applications including bedroom and bathroom doors.
Intastop - Anti-Ligature Door Top Alarm
Intastop – Anti-Ligature Door Top Alarm


  • Programmed Electronics box with delay setting options.
  • Connects to existing staff attack system.
  • Suitable for both single and double acting hinges.
  • FD30 fire rated. Tested to BS476:Part 20 & 22

The New Intastop Door Top Alarm helps prevent attempted suicide at the tops of doors by detecting when weight is applied to the top of the door.  This 30 minute fire rated and tamper proof system has a variable alarmed delay setting between 5 and 30 seconds.  The Intastop Door Top Alarm connects via the main power, and is compatible with most staff attack systems and can alert staff via audible alarm, visible light, staff indicator panel and via the pager or main computer.

The Door Top Alarm works with Intastop’s Electric Transfer Hinge which ensures all cabling and electronics are concealed.  If the top of the alarm is pressed nothing will happen until the programmed delay setting in the electonic box is activated.  It has a 3 tiered led system on door top alarm which is mirrored on an electonric box, and optionally on nurse stations.  LED lighting shows it working without setting the alarm off, helping with risk assessment period checks.  The electronic box housed in ceilings/lofts and connects to the mains power and staff attack system.  Power transfer to the door goes via an electronically modified version of the single and double swing hinge which carries a 5 year warranty (subject to Intastop’s warranty policy).

Intastop’s Door Top Alarm is designed for 44mm doors.  For any other sized doors, please contact KCC’s technical team for advice.

Please note that Intastop offers a range of measures designed to minimise the risk of self harm and does not offer any guarantee that it will not take place.  The solutions have been designed as a deterrant only.

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