Residential Extension – Sliding Doors

Janisol Folding & Hinged Doors and Jansen VISS TVS roof glazing at Residential Extension

  • Country: Ireland
  • Architect: Wigan McGrath & Partners
  • Main contractor: Sicon Construction

Sliding Doors & Glazing for Residential Extension

Project Overview
KCC were commissioned to design, manufacture and install Schüco Jansen Steel Framed Sliding Doors, Steel Framed Hinged Doors and Roofglazing.

Design Brief
The design of this residential extension was such as to provide a bright, open kitchen/dining room, with full access to the exterior garden. This was to be achieved using a full span sliding doors system, a glazed pyramid and glazed elongated triangular rooflight, as well as a set of standard doors.

The Janisol Folding Doors
Our client selected the Janisol Folding Wall system because of it’s span and slim profile. This system allows full height glazing without obtrusive transoms.

Janisol folding walls are based on the Janisol insulated system and have a multitude of applications. They can be used as a room divider or to provide access to exterior space, as sliding doors.
The proven system, developed specially for flexible openings, can be used for inward- or outward-opening doors. Ultra-slimline steel pro-files and narrow face widths result in robust, resilient and durably strong folding walls.

The Roofglazing
Welded steel construction plays to its strengths in sloping glazing. The ultra-slimline profiles (face widths of 50 and 60 mm) of the Jansen VISS TVS roof glazing system allowed our designers to create large roof lights with maximum daylight impact.