KCC Architectural Revolving Doors
KCC Architectural Revolving Doors

Combining architectural beauty with the highest degree of functionality

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Revolving doors are the focal point of a building and can constitute a means of making that great “first impression” to any visitor. The various materials and colours available for the door leaves and curved panels offer a multitude of possible design combinations and flexibility.

The high insulation effects, protecting against draughts, weather and noise, mean that revolving doors create a very effective separation of the indoor and outdoor climates and thus provide an energy efficient entrance that limits heat loss. Their robust structure makes them an ideal and safe solution for buildings with a large number of visitors.

KCC Architectural supply and install GEZE revolving doors, suitable for hotels, shopping centers and banks, right through to airports and museums. Many famous buildings across the world are fitted with automatic doors from  GEZE GmbH.

GEZE Fully-automatic Revolving Door TSA 325 NT

Fully-automatic revolving door for heavy traffic that is to move with the greatest of convenience – door interior diameter up to 3600 mm.

Product features

  • Activated by a motion detector inside and out, the revolving door accelerates and turns at the automated speed
  • Greatest convenience and disruption free passage
  • Adjustable automatic speed, the run out time can be freely set to “Summer” mode (longer) or “Winter” mode (none)
  • Optional disabled button that can be used to reduce the rotation speed and to ensure easy access for wheelchair operators or persons with limited mobility
  • Door parameters can be set as required allowing optimum adjustment to every access situation
  • Speed reduction in all operating modes at the end of the run out time, the door will stop at the starting position
  • Precise meeting of the door leaves with the side walls. Environmental influences such as draughts, exhaust fumes, cold or noise are excluded
  • Available as three and four leaf versions
  • It is type-approved according to DIN 18650 and certified
  • Operating modes: “Automatic”, “Permanently rotating”, “Shop closing”, “Hand” and “Night”
  • Combination with the GEZE SecuLogic emergency exits, access control system, and building technology management systems